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Spirit in the Glass, Ouija-board, Charlie Charlie and Bloody Mary

Among children and adolescents, it is quite a common activity to try to make contact with spirits, either seriously or just for fun. We are asking for assistance with documenting "games" as Spirit in the Glass, Ouija-Board, Charlie Charlie and Bloody Mary.

Trying to contact with spirits and asking them questions with the aid of a glass, Ouija-board or pencils are activities that nowadays primarily attract children and adolescents. Another example of such a game is Bloody Mary, in which the participants stare into a mirror and call out for a woman called Bloody Mary. But should these activities only be seen as games? Maybe, they are playful and serious at the same time, where the uncertainty is the attracting factor. Perhaps you or someone that you know has participated in “games” such as those mentioned above, such as Spirit in the Glass, Ouija-Board, Charlie Charlie or Bloody Mary?

As a part of our new project on Everyday Magic, our aim is to document contemporary folklore. In previous web questionnaires, we have documented the phenomenon of how people react when they say the same word at the same time, different ways to discovering the sex of an unborn child, and beliefs about manhole covers. Our intention now is to collect stories about the “games” mentioned above.

Would you like to participate in the collection?

Have you ever heard about “games” called Spirit in the Glass, Ouija-Board, Charlie Charlie or Bloody Mary? We would like to to document stories, thoughts and memories about such activities, and would appreciate any help you can give with documenting them, by completing and/or sharing the web questionnaire below. If possible, please state the place and the time when the "game" you are talking about was participated in (i.e. Säffle, Sweden, in the 1980s; or Dublin, Ireland during the 1970s to the 1990s).

Spirit in the Glass, Ouija-Board and Charlie Charlie
Trying to make contact with spirits either playfully or seriously is not a new phenomenon. Turning tables, talking boards and Spirit in the Glass have been popular for a long time, going back at least to the interest in Spiritism at the beginning of the 1900s. Charlie Charlie which using two pencils to trying to get in touch with Charlie is another example of the same phenomenon. This game was popularized in 2015 through the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge.

Bloody Mary
Standing in front of a mirror and calling for Bloody Mary is a relatively common game among children. There are many different varieties of this game. In Sweden, for example, children often call for the Black Madame rather than Mary.

Similar games/activities

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